Malachi 4:5  Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: 
Malachi 4:6  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. 




       The Mantle of Elijah Prophecy


                 The Word of the Lord Concerning Bishop Darren Tonne

                                                         By Prophet Bob Hagen, 2003



”Would I have put it in your Heart to Receive something and not Give it?

I have moved over the Hearts of many and they have not been Obedient to me.

That is the only reason you have not received my Gift until this Time.

I use this now to show you that all who say that they hear my voice are not truly of me.

They may be mine, but they do not know my voice.

My Perfect Will has been Forestalled and I have shut your eyes,  though not your heart, for you could not buy this of your own.

It is my Covenant with you and my Gift.

You imagine this comes to you with Tears of a Prophet, but I say to you that it comes with Tears of my Heart.

I shall cause you to Weep Tears over Nations And to be the Instrument to call into Force my Right HandThe Hand of my Strength, The hand of my Judgment, The Hand of my Power, The Hand of my Salvation!!!!!!!

Many will say to you that this is Crazy, for it is only a piece of cloth.

But it is a Symbol of my Faithfulness and my Covenant with you, the Symbol of my Power and Anointing.

Did not my Prophet Elijah in days of old not understand this?

Did not Sampson receive my Covenant and allow his hair to grow?

As I Command you, You are to Adorn yourself in my Covering.

Should you leave it at a place and I have Commanded you to wear it, then forestall whatever you are about to do and return to Adorn yourself.

Do not proceed without it.

It is as a Shield and the Symbol of your Power.

Would Sampson have left his hair behind?

The Ten Commandments contained therein are to remind you of my Laws that must be Kept.

The Stars are to be unto you a Shield and a reminder that I am with you.

The Torah is there to remind you of my Laws, the Laws of the Universe and of Nature, the Laws of which I have given you Power over as I lead by my Spirit.

The Crowns Inset are to Call you to a Holy Priesthood.

You are Born of Royalty, for you are Born of me and on my head are many Crowns.

I Choose to crown you with Power and Might by my Spirit.

The Stripes are to Remind you of the Stripes which I took, not only for the Healing of the Body but also for the Healing of Nations.

The Tassels are not to remind you of the Laws which I have Given, but rather of the Blessings I will pour out through you.

”Elijah Prophet of Fire,” As you Speak my Words I shall cause Wave upon Wave of Flames from my Spirit in my Spirit to proceed out of your mouth.

These Flames shall Consume the Wicked and burn away the Chaff.

When I cause you to Speak Fire!!!!!!! it will Consume Wickedness in High Places.

Many will Fear the Word of the Lord, For you Shall Move as I Give Utterance and let them Test me say’s the Lord God.

I Empower you with the Word of Wisdom and with the Truth of Knowledge.

My Spirit shall fall upon you in Power and shall be manifested in Signs and Wonders.

And who can Stand before me? Say’s the Lord Your God!!!!!!!

Do not limit me, Say’s the Lord.

I shall cause you to call against the very Laws of nature and call Famine and Pestilence upon the Land.

I shall cause you to call on the Ground to Shake and the Heavens to Tremble, all of this to bring my people back to me.

I shall cause you also to Speak forth great Blessings and to Weep in Travail over Nations.

I shall cause you to Walk in Humility before me all the days of your Life Forever and Ever Selah.

All this is my Covenant with you to be your God, to be your Rock, to be your Fortress, to be your Shield, to be your Comforter, to be your Rest.

In me Alone will you find Strength and Peace, for I am at Enmity with the World and so shall you be also.

I will Cause you to see the Mysteries of the Universe and to see the Revelations that I have hidden from man since the beginning of Time.

You Shall come to Appreciate my Names and what they mean and they shall be as a promise to you, for in my Names are the Heart and Mind of my Spirit!!!!!!!

In my Names are my Promises to you.

Would I deny anything from you?

You have proved your Faithfulness and your Servitude.

I have Judged your Heart and have caused you to Walk in Humility before me.

You Shall Arise in Power!!!!!!!

This is no Ordinary Shawl!!!!!!! This is my Covenant!!!!!!! This is the Symbol of my Anointing.

Without it you will still walk with me but with it you will have the Faith of my Covenant with you.

I Received your Covenant as a Burnt Offering, as Incense to my Nostrils and as a Holy Sacrifice.

I offer you my Covenant.

As Abraham had a Covenant with me to be the Father of many Nations, so shall I continue that Covenant in you as the Healer of many Nations.

When you Cloak yourself in my Covenant and Fall on your Face before me, I will lift you with the arms of my Spirit and set you at the foot of my Throne and Teach you the ways of my Heart and thoughts of my mind.

I do not nor will ever Transgress your Free Will.

If you Choose to accept my Covenant, Then Arise and Adorn yourself,  Prophet.

As you do, I will bring you into the True Apostolic Anointing, for you shall sit at my feet  and Hear my voice and I shall Teach you, Say’s the Lord.

I will Show you an Intimacy of one such as the Groom to the Bride. I shall be yours and you shall be Mine.”



This is a Prophetic Word  that I received from God by his Grace  through another Prophet.

God Gave me The Mantle of Elijah and to be a Prophet to his People.

                                                     In His Service

                              His Servant the Prophet, Bishop D.T. Tonne

Praying in Bishop Robe
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