Third Angelic Vision

                                                                               May 27, 2019





This is the Last Vision God gave to me. These Visions that God gave to me were speaking to me about Prophesying the Word of the Lord to different Nations including the United States of America. This is the Third Angelic Vision that God gave to me. God has been dealing with me about the Judgments of the Nations for many years since the early 1990s. I will describe to you the Third vision to the best of my ability. I felt myself rise out of the bed, and I felt myself in darkness. My eyes were closed.
All of a sudden, there was a great, great, great Peace upon me. I opened mine eyes and it’s the same ANGEL that was in the FIRST and SECOND DREAMS or VISIONS.
He was traveling very fast. His wings were not high, but they were folded. It’s like an arrow going towards a target, his wings were folded back. I was with him. We were going the same pace. I did not know where He was going. At such a high velocity of speed, it felt like it was light speed in another dimension.
There was no height, nor depth, not top, nor bottom. It was like I was put in a certain place. It was like time does not exist in my FATHER’S GLORY.
And the FATHER spoke through the ANGEL and said, “Do not forget the words that I have given you, for the Judgments shall come upon all Nations and even America. For if America does not Repent for their sins, I will Destroy you off the face of the Earth.”
Then I looked at the ANGEL. He had a very stern look; he had no smile. We were still traveling . His wings were towards a target and he was not smiling anymore.
And he said, “Do you remember the time I came to you?” I said to the ANGEL, “LORD, it is a vision or a dream.” He had a big smile.
I watched his Wings turn as Fire. He looked at me. He said, “Don’t forget what I have given you to speak to all Nations.”

And then after that the Vision ended.


                                                      In His Service,

                               His Servant the Prophet, Bishop D.T. Tonne



Praying in Bishop Robe
Praying in Bishop Robe
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